Author: Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

Sand Land Demo Available

Publisher Bandai Namco announced a demo version for the upcoming action RPG Sand Land. This demo is currently available for all the platforms on which the game will be released on.

Broken Roads Reveals Barter Crew Origin

Publisher tinyBuild and developer Drop Bear Bytes revealed a new trailer for their upcoming RPG Broken Roads. This video introduces the origin story of the Barter Crew, which unsurprisingly excels at bartering.

Be the Ruler Announced

Developer and publisher BeardedBrothers.Games announced strategy RPG Be the Ruler. Taking inspiration from games of the same genre made by Paradox Interactive, the title is currently in development for PC and planned to release next year.

Dungeon Full Dive Gets Two Editions

Developer TxK Gaming Studios announced virtual tabletop RPG Dungeon Full Dive will get a free version later this year known as the Player Edition. Meanwhile, the original Dungeon Full Dive will transition to the Game Master Edition with a price change.

Sand Land Shows Tank Gameplay

Publisher Bandai Namco revealed a gameplay trailer for action RPG Sand Land ahead of its release in two months. The video shows the protagonist making use of a custom tank to fight various enemies.