Arhaekon Getting Early Access Release

Independent developer Predict Edumedia has announced that its tactical turn-based dungeon crawler Arhaekon will be making its way to Steam Early Access in Q2 2024. The game’s visuals are inspired by Warhammer 40k, while the gameplay mechanics are based on a mixture of Path of Exile, Darkest Dungeon, and Disciples II: Dark Prophecy.

Arhaekon is set in a dark fantasy world where a lost civilization is caught up in a battle between two god-like factions: the Arhaekon, who seek to save mankind from destruction, and the Prospherisors, who pledged to destroy humanity if it attempts to transcend its limits and disrupt the balance of the void. As a consequence of mages seeking power, half of a continent is destroyed and covered in dark clouds, obscuring the sun and causing famine and death. Both of these events coincide with the opening of a Prospherisor’s tomb, unleashing a being capable of controlling the minds of humans and driving them to extinction by turning them against each other. Upon being awakened by a priest after their tomb is similarly disturbed, it falls to an Arhaekon to prevent the genocide of mankind.

The game will feature roguelike elements such as procedural dungeons and loot, permadeath for units, and more. Players will journey through fourteen regions, each featuring unique dungeons and enemies. There are twelve units across four classes, each with their own unique abilities and tier progression. Damage taken by the unit isn’t the only concern; they can also be mind-controlled into joining the enemy. Additionally, the game includes a crafting system allowing players to upgrade their equipment and essences, camp management with upgradable refugee camps and facilities, and a party and unit management system.



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