New Arc Line Reveals Its Story

Publisher Fulqrum Publishing and developer Dreamate Games revealed a story trailer for their upcoming RPG New Arc Line. The three-minute-long video shows the injustice which many individuals in the city of New Arc are subjected to and the tensions born from this situation.

New Arc Line takes place in a fantasy world currently in a supposed gilded age of magic and technology. However, the shine on the surface belies troubles underneath as tensions grow between factions and the rich exploit the poor. Players control a new arrival in New Arc, dubbed “The Shining City of Progress”, as they search for a cure to a fatal disease afflicting their family.

Players create their own character from a selection of races including human elf, dwarf, and giant, with gender, background, and appearance options that affect how characters will react to them. Players will also be able to recruit a variety of party members and build relationships with them, including romance options. The game features six classes and twelve sub-classes with turn-based tactical combat. New Arc Line is planned to release this year on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.



Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

Fascinated by the screens since I saw them, video games are a sorcery I quickly become obsessed with. This passion culminated with the discovery of the RPGs. At that time, they were likely the sole titles where story and world building mattered as more as gameplay. Now, I am, writing about them, especially my favorite ones: the JRPGs!

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