Crown Wars: The Black Prince Introduces Its Factions

Publisher Nacon revealed a new trailer for the upcoming strategy RPG Crown Wars: The Black Prince. The video introduces the various factions the player faces in the game, each of these factions excelling in a particular aspect of warfare. Those opposing factions introduced are the French, ruled by Regent Charles while his father King Jean II is held captive; the English, with King Edward as sovereign; the Bretons, who receive support from both France and England; the Navarrese under King Charles; the Castilians, renowned for their advanced engineering but on the verge of civil war; and the occult organization known as the Order.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince is set in a fantasy version of 14th-century France during the Hundred Years’ War. Players assume the role of an individual that belongs to one of four French noble houses. In charge of their own domain, the protagonist must take part in violent conflicts that will determine the fate of the kingdom. The game offers a campaign consisting in sending troops in various locations of France to fight the opposing factions.

The turn-based battles take place on maps where the units’ placement grants various bonuses or penalties. The units under the control of the player can be from six different classes each with their own skills and preferred weapons. Through the management of the protagonist’s domain, better facilities can be built and useful consumables or weapons can be developed to gain decisive advantages in battles. Crown Wars: The Black Prince is planned to release on May 23, 2024, for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Those interested in reading more about this title can check Alex Fuller’s preview.



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