Dawn of the Ashen Queen Announced for Summer

Developer and publisher Shattered Moon Games has announced that first-person dungeon-crawler Dawn of the Ashen Queen is due to be released for PC via Steam this summer, with no specific release date available as of this writing. The game features in-depth character creation with multiple races and classes, three NPCs joining the party with unique personalities, narrative-driven gameplay, challenging puzzles, traps that could lead to death, and real-time combat.

Dawn of the Ashen Queen takes place three years after the Grand War ravages the world of Eshavon. Players assume the role of an emissary to the Grand Marshall tasked with reconstructing the world after a truce is reached between the Darok tribes of the north and the Imperial Kingdom of the south. Following an ambush in a border town, a city is left in ruins, separating the player from the empire. With the help of a group of allies who come to the rescue, they must explore forests, dark caverns, icy mountains, crypts, and colorful environments as they attempt to uncover a plot that could destroy the continent.




Naeem Ali

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