Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Receives Behind-the-Scenes Video Series

Square Enix released a four-part documentary series, “Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth”, detailing some of the stories behind the creation of the successful title following its release earlier this month. The series, viewable in full below, covers different elements of the game with each episode running between fifteen and eighteen minutes in length. It features interviews and contributions from across the development team, including voice actors and members of the localisation teams:

  • Naoki Hamaguchi (Director)
  • Yoshinori Kitase (Producer)
  • Tetsuya Nomura (Creative Director)
  • Makoto Ise (Sound Director)
  • Keiji Kawamori (Music Supervisor)
  • Mitsuto Suzuki (Composer)
  • Takako Miyake (Environment Director)
  • Iichiro Yamaguchi (Lighting Director)
  • Shintaro Takai (Art Director)
  • Mizushi Sugawara (Environment Artwork Supervisor)
  • Teruki Endo (Battle Director)
  • Motomu Toriyama (Co-Director)
  • Kazushige Nojima (STELLAVISTA LTD.) (Story & Scenario)
  • Dai Suzuki (Main Character Modeler & Lead Character Artist)
  • Hiroyuki Yamaji (Animation Director (Battle))
  • Hidekazu Miyake (Cutscene Director)
  • Junichi Hayashi (Cutscene Co-Director)
  • Akira Iwasawa (Facial Director)
  • Cody Christian (Voice of Cloud Strife)
  • Britt Baron (Voice of Tifa Lockhart)
  • Briana White (Voice of Aerith Gainsborough)
  • John Eric Bentley (Voice of Barret Wallace)
  • Max Mittelman (Voice of Red XIII)
  • Suzie Yeung (Voice of Yuffie Kisaragi)
  • Matthew Mercer (Voice of Vincent Valentine)
  • Caleb Pierce (Voice of Zack Fair)
  • Eri Asano (Localization Producer)
  • Ben Sabin (English Translator)
  • Laurent Sautière (French Translator)
  • Diana Kawamata (German Translator)

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is currently available on PlayStation 5. The game acts as the second part of the planned Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, picking up immediately after the events of Remake and the party’s escape from Midgar. Those looking to read more about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can check out Paul Shkreli’s very positive review of the game.


Episode 1: Environments, Art, and Music


Episode 2: Scenario, Cutscenes, and Story



Episode 3: Characters, Combat, and Localisation


Episode 4: English Voice Actors


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