Unicorn Overlord Details More Characters, Combat

Atlus and Vanillaware released new details and screenshots for strategy RPG Unicorn Overlord. The latest update introduces more of protagonist Alain’s allies as he fights to restore the kingdom of Cornia against the continent-spanning Zenoiran Empire, as well as providing more details about the game’s combat system.

The first of the new characters is Yunifi. She is an archer and key member of the Frostblooms, a resistance group based in Bastorias. The Frostblooms are led by Ramona, the chieftess of the owl bloodline and Yunifi’s adoptive mother, who has the respect of all bestral races. Another key member of the Frostblooms is the lion bestral Morard, who boasts incredibly strength.



Meanwhile, Nigel is the leader of the Knights of the Sacred Heart. He became a reverend-knight at a young age and became the leader after being key in Albon’s defense against Zenoira. Dinah is a fox bestral and captain of the Snowpetals. She is quick to anger but cares deeply for her subordinates, who respect her in return. Sanatio is the winged attendant to the pontifex of the Orthodoxy, also acting as leader of the Heavenswing Knights. The final character, Elgor, is an antagonist. The knight of the high commander of the northern Zenoiran Army, he wears a set of ancient armour and none have supposedly seen his face and lived.

Unicorn Overlord features a real-time strategy combat system where ally and enemy units face off. Each battle stage has its own victory conditions. Allied units are deployed from bases flying a blue flag, with players able to select units and order them towards locations. When ally and enemy units encounter each other, they have their own engagement between the units that play out automatically. If two units are close enough, players can swap one for the other for these engagements, which may be of benefit depending on the units’ strengthen and weaknesses as well as those of the enemy.



The losing unit of these engagements is knocked back and enters the waiting state. While in this state, they are vulnerable to further attacks, with attacking units granted a First Strike opportunity. Units have their own stamina meter, with each engagement using up stamina, and any unit that reaches zero stamina becomes unable to move. By resting, the unit enters the waiting state and recovers stamina, but leaves them vulnerable to First Strikes and prevent use of skills. Game Overs are reached by having the battle time limit expiring, the command post being claimed by the enemy, or the army being defeated. However, players can use a special item called a Hallowed Corne Ash to avoid a Game Over.

Players also have access to Valor Skills and other interactive elements on the battlefield. Valor Skills are special abilities that use up Valor points, which can be replenished by liberating towns or defeating enemies, and are also used by deploying units. Other elements include traps, Divine Effigies that can summon cyclones, healing encampments, and more.



Engagements follow predetermined rules. The combatants take turns using the Active Skills, the order determined by their Initiatives. The engagement ends when all fighters run out of AP, used by Active Skills, or one side is defeated. Any Passive Skills are activated automatically if their conditions are met, and use up PP. Players can set up a list of tactics for each unit that determines skills to use and who to target with them, as well as what priority order to use them. Players to have the option to let the game set tactics and equipment for them using the Optimize function.

Unicorn Overlord is set on the fantasy continent of Fevrith and follows Alain, the prince of Cornia. He is forced to flee his home during an uprising that leads to the continent-spanning Zenoiran Empire’s rebirth, but rises ten years later to lead the Liberation Army. Unicorn Overlord is set to release worldwide on March 8, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.



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