Unicorn Overlord Classes, Other Details Revealed

Atlus and Vanillaware released new details and images for upcoming strategy RPG Unicorn Overlord. The new update introduces a quintet of characters, the game’s class systems, and more.

Three of the new characters are allies for protagonist Alain as he fights to restore the kingdom of Cornia against the continent-spanning Zenoiran Empire. Rosalinda is a dark elf augur from the nation of Elheim, she managed to escape the capital’s fall and is gathering her own resistance forces. Eltolinde is Rosalinda’s twin sister and the leader of Elheim. She was forced surrender to Zenoira and now leads it from captivity. Ithilion is an Elheim swordsman who was away on a mission when it fell and has been leading a guerrilla force since.




The two other characters act as antagonists. Alcina is a loyal witch in the Zenoiran Army. She was previously the court sorceress of Cornia, but now serves the emperor Galerius after his uprising. Finally, Baltro is an old wizard also in service to Galerius. Adept with dark spells and curses, now are said to have seen to face behind his hood.

Each character in Unicorn Overlord has a set class that determines that combat abilities, weapons, and skills. Atlus and Vanillaware introduced nine of the game’s classes and their capabilities:

  • Housecarl — Has excellent physical attacks and can both lower enemy physical defense and do a follow-up attack at the end of combat.
  • Gladiator — Its powerful attack skills can strike an entire enemy row and is able to self-heal.
  • Arbalist — Able to attack with crossbow bolts while also providing support from the back row.
  • Cleric — A specialised healer with a variety of recovery skills and magic.
  • Wyvern Knight — An aerial unit that can deal major damage to infantry and cavalry, but vulnerable to ranged and magic attacks.
  • Shaman — Specialises in weakening enemy foes and hampering their abilities.
  • Elven Fencer — Uses magic melee attacks and is able to create barrier that protect allies.
  • Werewolf — Specialises in finishing off weakened enemies, and has a special skill that improves their capabilities at night.
  • Featherbow — An archer that can debuff foes and supporting allies. It has high evasion, but is vulnerable to arrows.



Different classes will interact with other classes in different ways. For examples, archer-based classes are strong against flying classes. The flying units will generally hold the advantage over ground units thanks to high evasion, but their weakness to arrows means they will take double-damage when attacked by them.

Armies are grouped into different units made up of multiple soldiers. Each unit has its own leader character, which determines the unit’s movement type and applies a leader effect to that unit. For example, a Housecarl might allows players to quickly destroy barricades. There are three different categories of movements: Infantry, Cavalry, and Flying. Flying units can soar over difficult terrains, while Infantry and Cavalry will move quicker on roads.



Characters will be able to promote into advanced classes, which boosts their stats and unlocks new skills. For example, Alain starts with the Lord class, which is a strong all-around defender class that can fight in either row. By promoting to High Lord, he gains a steed, converting him to Cavalry and giving him the ability to boost his allies’ initiative.

Finally, the game will include Auxiliary Stages, which lets players gain experience by fighting as many times as they wish against phantom soldiers. Players can also find obtain items called Treatises. These can be earned from Auxiliary Stages and other places, granting extra experience to characters. Other items can also be found to boost other abilities.

Unicorn Overlord is set on the fantasy continent of Fevrith and follows Alain, the prince of Cornia. He is forced to flee his home during an uprising that leads to the continent-spanning Zenoiran Empire’s rebirth, but rises ten years later to lead the Liberation Army. Unicorn Overlord is set to release worldwide on March 8, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.



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