The Nameless: Slay Dragon Announced

Solo developer Nameless Sword Studio and Publisher WhisperGames have announced The Nameless: Slay Dragon, a turn-based RPG that took over three years to develop. There are plans for it to be released in Q2 2024 on PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

The Nameless: Slay Dragon is a classic turn-based game with heavy emphasis on exploration without random battles or forced grinding. Some of the features in the game include over 20 different classes with skills that can be mixed and matched, a crafting system that allows players to create items and equipment, skill customization, and optional bosses. Every individual choice made has an impact on the story resulting in multiple endings.



Naeem Ali

I have been gaming since I received the Sega Master System as a young child, which was the first console I ever owned (Yes, I am that old). The game that got me into RPGs was Final Fantasy VIII, a game that I still adore to this day. My favorite RPG of all time, however, is Shadow Hearts on the PS2. I do have many other interests outside of gaming as well, such as watching old-school wrestling, Reading books, 80s movies.... or anything 80s related as a matter of fact.

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