Marisa of Liartop Mountain, Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart Announced

Developer Unknown X held a new showcase, during which it announced two new RPGs. Marisa of Liartop Mountain and Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart are doujin spin-offs of the Touhou Project bullet-hell series. Both games are planned to release for PC via Steam in 2024, published by Alliance Arts.

Marisa of Liartop Mountain follows Reimu Hakurei as she searches for Marisa Kirisame after Marisa suddenly vanishes at the same time a mysterious mountain appears. The game is designed to emulate a tabletop adventure RPG as Reimu ventures through magical books. The adventure will progress through a mixture of player decisions and dice rolls.

Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart is a mixture of tower defence, dungeon management, and roguelike, with RPG elements. It sees dungeons suddenly appearing across the realm of Gensokyo. Once someone enters a dungeon, their mind is deranged and they are assaulted by countless phantoms. However, certain characters are able to resist the dungeon effects. By surviving for 100 days by setting traps, strategic fighter positioning, and upgrading their abilities, players can defeat the phantoms within. The game features six playable characters including Reisen Udongein Inaba, Satori Komeiji, and Hatano Kokoro.


Marisa of Liartop Mountain Screenshots and Trailer



Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart Screenshots and Trailer



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