Retro-Inspired Atlas Wept Releasing Next Month

Developer Kbojisoft announced that its retro-styled RPG Atlas Wept will release on January 17, 2024. The game, which is inspired by Mother and mixes turn-based combat with bullet hell action elements, will be available for PC via Steam, priced at $7.99.

Atlas Wept follows two groups of wayward children on a distant planet. Dezi and Charlie are seeking to find the origin of a malevolent personality-erasing force, while Hal and Lucy are looking to find the truth behind the existence of Gig the Robot Dog. The game takes place over twelve chapters, alternating between each group as the narrative threads link them together. Their adventures take them to various locales including temples, caverns, abandoned train stations, mountains, and more.

The game’s combat mixes a turn-based battle system with action-based minigames. Players take direct control of the party members to dodge attack patterns that differ between foes. If players deliver enough damage to an enemy, they can stun them, affording the opportunity to deal major damage. The game allows players to adjust the party’s stats and abilities through a Stamp Book.




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