Blade Prince Academy Trailer Introduces Playable Characters

Publisher Firesquid released a new trailer for Angel Corp’s upcoming real-time-with-pause tactical RPG Blade Prince Academy. The 90-second video introduces the game’s three playable characters while showing some of its combat elements. The three characters are Phoebos the Wonder Child, who wields dual swords to cause area-based damage; O’ren the Deadly Sniper, who targets single or lined-up enemies; and Diamante the Elemental Mage, who uses ice to damage or freeze foes.

Blade Prince Academy is set in the city of Abjectalia. Players lead a squad of students in the eponymous academy protecting the city from threats such as gangs, cults, and vampires. Relationships between the party grow as they interact at the academy through training and activities, with player choices helping determine the fate of the city. The game features a selection of unique heroes with their own strengths, weaknesses, backstories, and talent trees, as well as pacts that grant benefits and drawbacks. It is planned to release for PC via Steam in 2024.



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