Action Roguelite Wraithbinder Announced

Developer and publisher Double Eleven announced it is partnering with Songbringer developer Wizard Fu on new action roguelite Wraithbinder. The game is set in the Songbringer universe and features Metroidvania-style progression as each run sees players working through a randomly-generated world, with each ability gained granting access to new areas.

Wraithbinder will feature multiple bosses and is designed with replayability in mind. The game features of mixture of melee and ranged weapons, plus various playstyle-assisting relics. If players die they will lose some of their gold and “light”, but keep armour and stats. Between runs, players return to their hub ship, where they unlock permanent upgrades using their gold and light.

Wraithbinder is currently in development for PC, with an Early Access released planned for late 2023 or early 2024. A Steam beta playtest is currently ongoing until July 25, 2023, and includes offline solo play as well as two-player online co-op. The full game is planned to include co-op for up to four players as well as a PvP mode.



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