Temtem: Showdown Free Multiplayer Released

Humble Games and Crema have released Temtem: Showdown for PC via Steam. The release contains the multiplayer battle simulator part of free-to-play monster collection RPG Temtem.

Temtem: Showdown lets players participate in Temtem’s competitive battling arena, letting them build teams from scratch and manage them, as well as participate in ranked and casual matches. Steam accounts using Temtem and Temtem: Showdown will be linked automatically, with console Temtem players able to link their account to Temtem: Showdown.

Temtem: Showdown will not include any of the in-game transactions in the main Temtem game. Players can earn rewards in Temtem: Showdown, but they can only be used in the main Temtem game. Rewards earned by those without a Temtem account will be stored on the server and applied automatically if a Temtem account is created with the same Steam account.

Temtem sees players adventuring in the Airborne Archipelago, aiming to become the greatest trainer of the eponymous monsters. Temtem can come from various different elemental types, and combat features parties of Temtem facing off, with two from each side active at a time. The game released for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch in September 2022.



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