RPG Cast – Episode 679: “Some People Call Me Toe Fungus”

Phil wonders if you can pet the gator. Jason says that the wiener dog in a wheelchair is best companion. Kelley wishes there was CTRL+F in real life. Ryan wants a Trails of Cold Steel wrestling Game.

Question of the Week
How do you feel about Battle Passes?

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Kelley Ryan

Kelley's three favorite things in this world are cats, heavy metal music, and RPGs. They are happily married to their best friend, and enjoys other hobbies like drawing, painting miniatures, and reading.

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  1. Tinklin Tinklin says:

    QOTW: I agree with Phil about battle passes. I’m not sure why people make a big deal out of them. With Diablo IV it’s purely optional. For a game that people can potentially play for years (and wait years for the next installment), for me the battle pass helps keep your engagement long after the purchase.

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