RPGCast – Episode 657 : “Well-Seasoned Blobber”

It’s one final week of JCServant ‘Phil-ing’ in! Chris plays Podcast: Painkiller Enhanced Edition, and probably needs a nap. Anna Marie picnics with some ham sandwiches, while her Pokémon are gettin’ busy.

Question of the Week
How do you resist buying games on your wishlist before the holidays? Please help us 🙁

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Kelley Ryan

Kelley's three favorite things in this world are cats, heavy metal music, and RPGs. They are happily married to their best friend, and enjoys other hobbies like drawing, painting miniatures, and reading.

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3 Responses

  1. I more or less have two tiers of games on my wishlist: Games I know I want right away and games that I want to have but likely won’t get to anytime soon. It’s these latter games that get put on a list of gift ideas for me on my birthday and the holidays.

    Simple enough, I guess.

  2. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Age has made the decision to stop buying games an easy one. Approaching mid-40s, I know I’m not playing as many games at the speed I used to. I look at my backlog each time I see a sale, check to see if the sale is the “lowest ever”, and check the frequency of such sales before even considering a new game. This typically takes care of my FOMO and prevents me purchasing anything. All I bought over the holiday sales was Fire Emblem: Three Hopes to play with my kids since we’ve started yearly musou madness.

  3. TheAnimeMan TheAnimeMan says:

    I just have no money to begin with. Then I only buy games with deep sales.

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