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  1. Silktail Silktail says:

    You can still buy things from the 3DS/Wii U eshops, if you still have any money left on them. It’s next March when it ends and goes into redownload-only limbo.
    However as said, you can’t add any more funds via credit card/prepaid cards, that’s gone already. However you could link up a Nintendo ID to your devices and give the spare change to the family Switch if you like.
    Or maybe… take a little, if you’re just short of buying say; Crimson Shroud, SteamWorld Tower Defense, or something more meaty like The Last Story, for their last err… story!?!
    I’ve been adding odd virtual console games onto the someday-backlog myself.
    So how about you, any 3Ds/Wii U on the backlog that you still plan to go back to?

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