Boot Hill Heroes Saddles Up on Switch

Experimental Gamer Studios has announced that its Western RPG Boot Hill Heroes is heading to Nintendo Switch. The game will release for the portable console on December 15, 2020, joining its sequel, Boot Hill Bounties, which made the move to the Switch earlier this year.

Boot Hill Heroes allows up to four players to form a posse, taking on the roles of Kid, Doc, Moon, and Rosy in active-time-based combat to take down the notorious Saints-Little Gang. The game first released on PC in 2014, before coming to Xbox 360 later that year. Those interested in learning more can check out Mike Moehnke’s review of the PC version.




Pascal Tekaia

Pascal joined up with RPGamer in 2015 as a reviewer and news reporter. He's one of THOSE who appreciate a good turn-based JRPG grind almost as much as an amazing story.

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  1. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    This sounds fun! More short turn-based games in different settings is the dream!

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