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  1. I’ve been falling deeper into the rabbit hole that is Sound Horizon albums. Sound Horizon is a Japanese band lead by Revo, who also composed the music for a certain RPG and its sequel, coming to Switch on February 26th. In retrospect, I find it funny that a certain newish RPG series got into my current favorite band.

    Likewise, has an RPG or RPG series introduced you to something unexpected, like a musician, artist, mythology, and so forth?

  2. dawgparty dawgparty says:

    Have any of you played Legaia 2? I picked it up in a PS2 bargain bin years ago and just popped it in a few weeks ago. After a somewhat rough start I’m completely hooked on the game, it’s got a little bit of everything and I’m pretty baffled it didn’t get any attention.

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