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  1. This is not a question, but rather an update to the situation with Ryoei Mikage, the formerly missing CEO of Imageepoch! He actually established a new game development company in 2017, Mikage LLC. The only game they’ve released thus far is Criminal Girls X — coming out in North America as Escape from Asura. They have two more games in development as well.

    There was an interview with 4Gamer where Mikage goes into what happened to Imageepoch. He gives few details as to what happened to him after the company went bankrupt, but from a summary I read, he became depressed for months, sometimes not even wanting to leave his bed. Some friends in the industry helped him to get back into making games again.

    Here is the interview in Japanese:

    Here is a Twitter thread of a summary in English:

  2. Krull Krull says:

    You are Viktor von Frankenstein, taking your favourite elements from other games or series to make the perfect RPG. What do you take from where? For simplicity’s sake(!), I’ll break it down as follows:
    Graphics/art style
    Battle system
    World building (as in strength of setting)
    Dungeon design
    Levelling system (including jobs, skill unlocks etc as applicable)
    Have fun!

  3. dawgparty dawgparty says:

    This one is probably only for Gaijin, what’s your personal favorite Atelier game? Which one do you think you had the most fun with?

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