RPG Cast – Episode 548: “Do Not Karen on Me”

New Game Plus Expo comprises the bulk of this week’s news, while the crew ponders their love and hate for Phantasy Star Online 2. Just what has Anna Marie been playing the last two weeks? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out!

Question of the Week
What is your favourite RPG under 20 hours?

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6 Responses

  1. Lordfeyii Lordfeyii says:

    I am PLaying FF3 for JRPG July

  2. Krull Krull says:

    QotW: For shorter RPGs, I’d have to give a shout out to Supergiant Games for Bastion and Transistor, which are both wonderfully stylish. Top of mind for me, though, seeing as I just finished it, would be Cosmic Star Heroine. Fun story, properly challenging and interesting combat (on the Heroine difficulty level) and no grinding required. I didn’t even need to have an alien cat named after me, and I still loved it!

  3. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    I tried that Trails of Cold Steel 3 demo on Switch and I felt so lost and confused (both story and mechanics). Then again, the last, and only, Legend of Heroes game I played was Trails in the Sky first chapter years ago, which I loved. Meant to get to Second Chapter but have been busy 😅

    QOTW: That 20 hours or less criteria really had me scratching my head, but then I got it! Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII! I borrowed the game from my bro, so I didn’t have time to 100% complete it. But by crit pathing the game I rolled credits at a clock in time of just over 17 hours. That game is amazing and one I really really wish Square would release from it’s PSP prison. If they announced a Switch port I’d buy it so fast and probably buy it for all my close friends and family who I also know have Switched as well out of hype/excitement!

  4. QoTW: Even if a game is supposed to take 20 hours, I have the uncanny ability to spend way more time on a game than is necessary.
    One game I do like that is short and that I actually did finish in that time is Crimson Shroud, that 3DS eShop title written by Matsuno. It’s a really neat game. I quite like its tabletop RPG aesthetics and the text is written like a fantasy novel. One playthrough is about ten hours. You have to play it twice to get the good ending, but even then, it takes about 15-20 hours or so.

  5. Victar Victar says:

    I’m playing Persona 2: Innocent Sin (Sony PSP) for JRPG July. I wished for that game to be released in the US, and then it was. It’s time to finally experience what I wished for.

    Undertale is my favorite short RPG. It’s just that memorable, groundbreaking, and fun.

  6. Traceriii Traceriii says:

    The shortest game I played was Y’s the Ark of Napishtim. When I beat it I was truly stoked at how short it was.

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