Banner of the Maid’s Expansion Receives New Mission Pack

Publisher CE-Asia has announced an additional mission pack coming to Banner of the Maid. This new quest line, titled “A Sailor’s Tale”, introduces four new challenge missions to the already-released The Oriental Pirate DLC. Players will be able to accompany pirate captain Mu Zhiyun to find her lost treasure. The new mission pack will be accompanied by further quality-of-life changes and balancing adjustments. The update will be free of charge to players who already own the DLC, which itself can be purchased for $4.99.

Banner of the Maid is set in a fantasy version of the French Revolution, with the game starring Pauline Bonaparte, sister of famed French general Napoleon. The game takes players to over thirty terrains, and includes versions of historical figures such as Louis Desaix, Joachim Murat, and Jean Lannes.


Pascal Tekaia

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