Blue Protocol Receives New Gameplay Footage

In three separate “Blue Pro Report” livestreams, Bandai Namco has released around two hours’ worth of new gameplay footage for its upcoming online action PC RPG Blue Protocol. The timestamps for the gameplay portions are as follows:

First video

  • 16:40 to 34:40 – Character Customization
  • 35:40 to 42:20 – Feste Encounter and Gameplay
  • 43:10 to 58:45 – Town Gameplay

Second video

  • 13:27 to 25:23 – Aegis Fighter Gameplay
  • 25:23 to 34:19 – Twin Striker Gameplay
  • 34:19 to 43:40 – Blast Archer Gameplay
  • 43:40 to 52:02 – Spell Caster Gameplay #1
  • 53:29 to 1:02:30 – Spell Caster Gameplay #2
  • 1:24:52 to 1:29:07 – User Interface Customization and Keyboard Configuration

Third video

  • 15:07 to 28:28 – Dragon Claw Valley Party Gameplay
  • 31:18 to 42:26 – Battle Arena Gameplay
  • 45:13 to 48:15 – Control Settings Gameplay
  • 1:37:07 to 1:38:11 – Talk Mode Gameplay

Blue Protocol is set on the planet Regnus, which used to be ruled by a group of god-like beings known as the Bapharian Divines. It takes place many years after this period, with the remains of the Bapharian civilisation relegated to treasures and ruins. The planet is filled with a mystical light known as Engram, and supposedly harbours a dark secret referred to as the Planetary Beast. No announcement has been made regarding a western release. Sign-ups for the Japanese release’s closed beta are currently ongoing.




 Source: Gematsu, Gematsu, Gematsu


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