Utawarerumono PC Prices Revealed

DMM Games has revealed the pricing for the upcoming PC releases of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth. The games — launching on Steam on January 23, 2020 — will cost $39.99 each, with a 15 percent launch discount available for a limited time. Four character DLC packs will also be available for $2.99 apiece. Two bundles will be available as well. The Series Bundle will feature both games at a 10 percent discount while the Complete Bundle will contain both games and all DLC at a 20 percent discount. A new trailer has been released on the game’s Steam page.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth are tactical RPG visual novels that follow an amnesiac who awakens in the snow. Originally released in Japan in 2015 and 2016, respectively, the games found their way to North America and Europe in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. A remake of the original game in the series, Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, is set to release later this year.

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  1. Seems high, guess they have to make it worth their while though. Will probably buy despite thinking $30 would be a better starting point.

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