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  1. Budai Budai says:

    How do you feel about mana or magic points in the history of rpgs? Do you think it’s best as a resource saved for boss fights or something that is to be used? Any games come to mind?

    Do you think blank slate characters can work because people give them their own personalities?

  2. Budai Budai says:

    Do you foresee all ff7 remake episodes coming to PS4? I know we’ve touched on it before, but a lot of what is going to ps5 will be on ps4 in a lower form most likely?

    How does dragon quest make a basic battle system work where others can’t?

  3. Budai Budai says:

    Was ps1 or ps2 a better console for RPGs?

  4. Budai Budai says:

    with Next gen titles probably growing in size as the usually do, do you think disc space and downtimes are an issue?

    Do you think we will see a lot of 50+ gig patches soon?

  5. Two unrelated questions today:

    To borrow a previous question of the week from another RPGamer podcast, what are your favorite examples of bad voice acting from an otherwise good actor in an RPG? Or any video game if you’re having a hard time thinking of an RPG example?

    I know I asked a similar question a few years ago, but what lost/cancelled RPG do you most wish had become a reality, or that you’re most curious about? Sometimes I really wish we knew more about Sword of Legendia, that Wii vaporware game that never got more than one piece of art, to my knowledge.

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