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  1. Budai Budai says:

    Has anyone had a better run lately than capcom? They seemingly beat expectation on everything they have done lately.

  2. Budai Budai says:

    What make ace attorney so good?

  3. Budai Budai says:

    What is the easiest main line final fantasy game?

  4. Budai Budai says:

    Will monster hunter 5 be a switch or ps5/ps5 title? Would it make more sense to use the name monster hunter world 2 for any future high end Or make that the main line title?

  5. Budai Budai says:

    Do live service games like anthem have a history of saying “just launch it, and we’ll develop it as we go”? Do you or not think there is anything like this going on.

  6. Budai Budai says:

    have you ever played an rpg that you feel the puzzles were to confusing for their own good?

  7. Budai Budai says:

    Go on record to how you think ff7 will pronounce cait sith.

  8. Budai Budai says:

    Which era or games do you feel really kicked off high quality localization? Are there any that you can think of pre ps2?

  9. Budai Budai says:

    What is the current graphics king for RPGs?

  10. Budai Budai says:

    If you were tasked with taking one current game 15 years into the past to impress people, which would you choose and why?

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