Dragon Quest Builders 2 Assembles a Setting and Characters

Square Enix has provided a new setting for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch title, Dragon Quest Builders 2. It also introduces some of the personalities RPGamers can expect to meet in their adventures. In search of new materials to build with, the protagonist heads to Occulm Island where they encounter a once flourishing land that has changed into a desolate, sandy terrain. The heat of the deserts has drained the inhabitants’ spirit and it’s up to the hero to venture into abandoned mines to help bring back prosperity and motivations to the isle. The gallery below shows some of the locales players can expect to explore on Occulm Island.

Occulm Island will host at least one town that players can explore. The area was home to many gold-hungry diggers until the mines all dried up. The population waned as soon as the gold rush calmed, and the remaining locals’ morale plummeted. The residents’ attitudes will improve the more players explore and rummage through the dungeons around the land. Some of the characters players can expect to encounter are Pero, the bar maiden; Carlo, a former blacksmith; and Massimo, the brute. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is set to release in Japan on December 20, 2018. There has been no announcement of a western release.

Source: Gematsu


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