Wizard’s Symphony Boasts Two New Musicians, Affinity System

Arc System Works, developer of the upcoming Wizard’s Symphony, a revival of the 1990s-era Japanese dungeon-crawling series Wizard’s Harmony, has announced two new additions to the game’s line-up. First up is Feline Sora, a Half-Cat conductor who has extensively studied the art of alchemy and uses it to aid the party in battle. With the information contained in her grimoire, the Necronomicon, she can attack groups of enemies from distance. Her counterpart is Nina Lazydaisy, a self-proclaimed musical idol who uses her performance abilities to assist her allies. She is a support character whose song and dance abilities use Song Tokens instead of the traditional MP.

More information has also been released concerning the game’s Affinity mechanics, a major cornerstone of its combat system. All main characters have an ever-changing affinity level that increases over the course of the game as players strengthen the characters’ bonds with each other. Classified into two groups of low affinity and high affinity, party members gain access to some useful combat options based on their affinity levels. The first is the Enhance Link ability, which takes into consideration affinity level and character placement by letting party members link up with others next to them to protect from attacks, heal an ailment, or pursue an enemy. Then there is the Chain Assist ability, which lets party members in reserve assist those currently on the battlefield, of course depending on their affinity with each other. Both of these combat abilities will trigger on their own during the course of battle.

Wizard’s Symphony is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is on track for a 2018 release in Japan, though as of yet there has been no announcement of a localized release.


Source: Gematsu


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