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  1. Budai Budai says:

    What is the worst version of a good game?

  2. Budai Budai says:

    Speaking of Nintendo power, games that see shown that I wanted- as a fan of 7th saga, elnard 2. Also the magazine teased dq6. But to this day has to be star ocean. Nintendo power shown this complete 2 page spread, and bragged about the battle system. So which game was it when you were young you wanted to play but couldn’t?

  3. Speaking of Tokyo Game Show, what would you like to see there? As for me, the Bravely Twitter account recently teased that something is coming soon, and even changed their name from Bravely Second to “Bravely [blank]” (actually five empty circles, but I think that’s the equivalent meaning). I’m super hoping this will be a new game on Switch and not either a “For the Sequel” version of Bravely Second or a port of both games. I’ll take whatever comes, though.

    I know I’m encouraging more dumping upon one of my most favorite series, but eh.

  4. eternalyouth eternalyouth says:

    I have always as someone who reads a large number of long running book series always loved the investment in characters and large scale worldbuilding. And lamented how the rpg genre has rarely had that level of ambition and persistent worlds in their franchises. Suikoden was the first to attempt this but ran out of steam once the producer stepped down from series. We have an amazing series with Trails that took that torch and has given us some of the most engrossing character driven and world building in the genre.

    The question I would ask is why more companies have not crafted more of these type of rpg series. Is it concern of being a harder sell for new games that require having played older games? And if there is one franchise that ever developed a large scale story in one world which one would you want to see made?

    Last question is which rpg or series in your backlog do you regret having never played and embarassed to admit?

  5. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    Besides Singing Mountain from Chrono Trigger, what’s the most appropriate RPG music for mourning a severe loss? Asking for a friend.

  6. I’ve been playing the Atelier series, and I can’t get over the mispronounciation of the title word. It’s A-tel-i-ay, not At-lier. What mispronounciations or translation errors have annoyed you the most?

    Also, what is the most iconic monster in RPGs? For my money, it has to be Dragon Quest’s slime.

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