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  1. Budai Budai says:

    If etrian odyssey has a future on the switch, how do you suspect they change the game?

  2. TheMaddness TheMaddness says:

    I still remember being really excited when games started really getting made for phones, especially RPGs, back before the majority were revealed to be micro-transaction riddled cashgrabs with little depth to them.
    Where did it all go wrong, really?

    And A second, related question, Did you ever have a game/series you thought would really work well as a mobile games,that never got made, or was just made badly? I always thought TWEWY could have an awesome sequel or spinoff for phones. Joshua already uses one as a weapon in the original! And they could have had updating pins and maybe region or loaction based functions…what could have been.

  3. Budai Budai says:

    Why do you think it is that Zelda is more popular in the West vs japan?

  4. TheMaddness TheMaddness says:

    Im pretty sure I share of love of card based games with sssomeone on this podcast, so I feel comfortable posing this question.
    Are most card-based RPG battle systems really that far removed from a lot of other more traditional RPG battle systems? I see the most resemblance to stuff like old school DnD and spell memorization and such, but if you just replace A lot of limited resource reliant functions like mana or weapons with cards, I Dont think the end result ends up being to different. And in any case, theyre more fun to collect,and a useful abstraction anyway.

  5. TheMaddness TheMaddness says:

    I thought of this while watching some Death’s Gambit gameplay but… Is Dark Souls just a 3D Castelvania series?

  6. eternalyouth eternalyouth says:

    With Octopath Traveler having as of now sold over a million copies here in the US do you believe it might influence if the next FF game could be turn based? Personally I believe that ship has sailed for series. But games like Octopath, Divinity Original Sin and if Dragon Quest XI sells I hope might plant a seed that turn based rpgs can still appeal to a Western audience.

    And are you looking forward to Bards Tale IV and the upcoming remasters of original trilogy?

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