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Star Renegades Getting Physical Editions

Star Renegades is getting physical editions. Strictly Limited Games is working with Raw Fury and ININ Games to help materialize the sci-fi RPG into RPGamers’ physical libraries.

Star Renegades Update Released on PC

The Imperium strikes back in a new update to Star Renegades. The free update is available now on PC, and will come to consoles early next year.

Star Renegades Launches on Console

After launching on PC in September, Star Renegades is now available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation 4 launch will follow next week.

Star Renegades Hits Consoles This Month

Star Renegades will be arriving on consoles very soon. The game, out now on PC, will hit Xbox One and Switch first before reaching PS4 shortly after.

Star Renegades Now Available on PC

Sci-fi rogue-lite Star Renegades is now available on PC. Console RPGamers will also be join the fight against the invading Imperium later this year.

Star Renegades to Launch in September

Massive Damage and Raw Fury have announced a September release date for Star Renegades. The game will initially launch for PC, Mac, and Linux, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions to follow later in the year.

Star Renegades Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Star Renegades got a new gameplay trailer at Gamescom showing off its new “2DX” graphical style. The sci-fi roguelite is currently set to release in the spring of next year.

Nintendo Shows Some Indie Highlights

Ahead of this week’s Gamescom in Germany, Nintendo posted an Indie Highlights showcase. Amongst the various indie titles coming to Switch are some that may appeal to RPGamers.