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No Straight Roads Officially Debuts

In No Straight Roads, the duo of Mayday and Zuke are trying to determine if the power of rock is still as strong as ever. The musical RPG is out now on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

No Straight Roads Opening in August

Rhythm-based action adventure No Straight Roads is arriving on PC and consoles this August. Those wishing to try it out can now download a demo on the Epic Games Store.

Take a Tour of No Straight Roads’ Vinyl City

Rhythm-based action RPG No Straight Roads got a sneak peek at its setting, story, and boss battles. Players will be able to use the power of rock to defeat an evil EDM empire this summer.

No Straight Roads E3 Impression

No Straight Roads is a unique combination of action adventure, rhythm, and character progression coming to PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. RPGamer’s Charalampos Papadimitriou took some time to check the game out at E3.