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Jagged Alliance 3’s Version 1.5 Released

Developer Haemimont Games and publisher THQ Nordics announced version 1.5 of the strategy RPG Jagged Alliance 3 is available. This update adds new rules to alter the story campaign and modding tools to change many other aspects.

New Jagged Alliance 3 Trailer Released

A new trailer is out for THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games strategy RPG Jagged Alliance 3. The game sees players commanding mercenaries in the country of Grand Chien.

Jagged Alliance 3 Announced

THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games are reviving the Jagged Alliance strategy series. Jagged Alliance 3 will include multiple RPG elements as players command a mercenary force in the fictional country of Grand Chien.

Victor Vran Gets Black Label Physical Release

Publisher Wired Productions is producing some new physical editions under the Black Label moniker. The first game to get one of these editions is Haemimont Games’ action RPG Victor Vran.

Victor Vran Heads to Switch in August

Victor Vran’s Switch version has a release date. Players will be able to play the third-person looter, which includes a fight against train called the Orgasmatron, on the console in a couple of months.

Victor Vran Heading to Switch

Another game is making its way to Nintendo Switch. Isometric action RPG Victor Vran is coming to the console this summer, complete with its Motörhead expansion.

Victor Vran Review

Don’t mess with Victor Vran or this hat-wielding hunter might smash you with a hammer or rock you like a hurricane with his skull-shooting guitar. This over-the-top third-person looter has a lot of personality, in case you couldn’t tell.