Adventure Bar Story PS4, PS5 Japanese Release Date Announced

RideonJapan has announced bar owner simulation RPG Adventure Bar Story will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Japan on February 14, 2024, having previously been released for Nintendo Switch on December 21, 2023. Although there is no date as of this writing, there are plans for all three versions to get a western release. The game can be purchased on iOS via App Store ($2.99) and Android via Google Play ($2.49) worldwide, and was also released on Nintendo 3DS.

Adventure Bar Story puts players in charge of Kamerina’s Bar, a tavern that has caught the attention of Gustav, a rich and powerful restaurant owner who seeks to own the bar by any means necessary. The only way to prevent the hostile takeover is by making it the most popular bar. The rank of the bar can be increased by battling monsters for ingredients, serving them to the customers, and winning contests. The game features a leveling system where characters gain experience by eating and get stronger based on the quality of food. There are 10 dungeons to explore with over 400 recipes available.


Source: Gematsu

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