RPG Backtrack 300 – There’s A Sword In My Castle!

We kick off a new season of RPG Backtrack by revisiting the game from the first episode that debuted nearly sixteen years ago! That’s right, we are old, and this is a celebration of Super Mario RPG, with guests Mike Apps and Ryan Costa.


Kelley Ryan

Kelley's three favorite things in this world are cats, heavy metal music, and RPGs. They are happily married to their best friend, and enjoys other hobbies like drawing, painting miniatures, and reading.

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  1. DChap DChap says:

    Ah this brings back memories!

    I discovered RPG Backtrack in early 2010, after the initial 10 episode run with Macstorm and the gang. I burned through the episodes, hungry for classic game discussions straight from hardcore RPG nerds like me. Every episode, Mac would say something like- “send a message to this email, let us know if you like the show and want us to make more, etc.”

    I figured they weren’t doing episodes anymore, but I sent a message saying I liked the show and wanted to hear more. I got no reply, but like 2 days later, the show rebooted with Phil as host. I’m sure it was a coincidence but I like to think my email helped restart the show XD

    Mario RPG was a great one to start with. It’s still one of my all time favorites and in my opinion- there really aren’t any games quite like it (even in the Mario series).

    Anyway, happy 300!

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