Unicorn Overlord Details Character Bonds

Atlus and Vanillaware released new images and details for upcoming tactical RPG Unicorn Overlord. The new information introduces four more characters, as well as detailing the game’s character bond systems.

Unicorn Overlord is set on the fantasy continent of Fevrith and follows Alain, the prince of Cornia. He is forced to flee his home during an uprising that leads to the continent-spanning Zenoiran Empire’s rebirth, but rises ten years later to lead the Liberation Army. The new characters are further allies for Alain, beginning with Gilbert. The crown prince of the nation of Drakenhold whose father was slain by the Zenoiran Empire, Gilbert is amassing his own force to restore his kingdom. Alain is also joined by Virginia, his elder cousin. After the fall of Cornia, she initially fled to Drakenhold.



The two other new characters are Berengaria and Aramis. Berengaria is the former leader of the Tricorn Mercenaries. Feared for her combat capabilities, she established her own mercenary crew before abruptly disbanding it and disappearing. Aramis is a mercenary from Drakenhold who was hired by the Zenoiran army. Surprisingly elegant, he is an excellent swordsman.

Unicorn Overlord includes inter-party social systems. A Rapport stat indicates the affinity between different characters. As characters spend more time together, such as by fighting within the same unit, their Rapport will increase. Character fighting in the same unit with high Rapport will provide bonuses to that unit, while special conversations can be unlocked between characters as their Rapport grows.



Other ways of growing Rapport include sharing meals at taverns. The number of characters able to share a meal, and the amount of Rapport gained, varies depending on which meal is selected. Alain can also give gifts to characters that are stationed to guard towns, which will raise his Rapport with them depending on their likes and dislikes. Finally, Alain holds the Ring of the Unicorn, which has a counterpart called the Ring of the Maiden. After maximising his Rapport with another character, he can elect to give them the Ring of the Maiden and perform the Rite of the Convent, which sees the pair pledge fealty to each other forever.

Unicorn Overlord is set to release worldwide on March 8, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The game will include three difficulty levels — Sweet, Normal, and Hard — and an online PvP mode.



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