Hades II Gets Development Update

Supergiant Games has provided a development update for Hades II. The update provides a Q2 2024 new launch window for the action rogue-like is scheduled Early Access launch on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Shortly before its Early Access launch, there will be technical test.

The developer stated intends it to follow a similar release pattern to its predecessor Hadeswhich launched into Early Access on PC in 2018 before eventually releasing to critical acclaim in 2020. There will be several Major Updates, each adding new content, characters, and story.

Hades II and its predecessor are inspired by Greek mythology, particularly its underworld. The game takes place some time after the previous game, though no knowledge of its events will be required. Players control Melinoë, the immortal Princess of the Underworld and brother of previous protagonist Zagreus, as she faces off against the Titan Chronos’s forces.


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