Passageway of the Ancients Releasing Early Next Year

Developer Passageway Games has announced Passageway of the Ancients. The fantasy title is inspired by classic 1980s and 1990s cRPGs, and is planned to release for PC via Steam in early 2024.

Passageway of the Ancients is set on the world of Aieryon, said to be the sole remaining magical planet in the galaxy. The game sees players controlling a resident of the city of Ithgar as they try to solve their parents’ murder. The player character has two personas: a hidden Dragonkindt form as well as a public facing race and appearance they take on due to the Dragonkindt being persecuted. The game features a strategic real-time combat system, while players will be able to level up both their Dragonkindt and public personas simultaneously.



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