Marvelous Announces LOOP8

During the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, publisher and developer Marvelous announced LOOP8. The game is billed as a “juvenile RPG” and is set to release in Japan for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2022. No announcement has been made regarding a possible western release.

LOOP8 stars Nini, a teenager who moves to live with his mother’s relatives in the peaceful countryside town of Ashiharanakatsu after he loses his family and home as a result of a calamity known as “Kegai”. He is greeted by a girl named Konoha, who claims she is his relative, and tries to adjust to his new life. However, a fox-eared girl and floating sphere indicate that the threat from the Kegai remains close.

LOOP8 features a combination of everyday life and the extraordinary, with Nini able to use his free time to build relationships and train up his skills. Eventually, players will come across humans possessed by the Kegai and must venture into the space between worlds to fight the Kegai. The game includes a loop and choice system where players can travel back in time and redo sections, such as relationship-building events or fights, while keeping part of their progress. It is said to include an “emotional artificial intelligence” system that affects how characters react to the player’s choices.


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