Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access Version Introduces the New Family

Cellar Door Games has announced that the Early Access version of its action roguelike Rogue Legacy 2 will be heading to the Epic Games Store and Steam on July 23, 2020. In development for PC, the game is the sequel to 2013’s Rogue Legacy, and will feature the same genealogy system, with players controlling many generations of adventurers, each of whom have unique traits that affect their play style. The announcement comes with a trailer and additional information about the upcoming release.

Rogue Legacy 2 adds unique weapons for character classes, such as bow-toting Rangers and ladle-tossing Chefs. Four classes will be included in the Early Access version, with at least twelve coming with the full release. New items called heirlooms can also be found throughout the castle, providing brand new permanent abilities for heroes to make use of.

The trait system sees many new additions, such as Associative Agnosia, Hyperflatulence, Pure Diva, and Terrible Cook. To incentivize players to embrace the more debilitating traits, the new Universal Healthcare System introduces a gold gain modifier that increases the reward proportionately to the risk. New biomes that randomly regenerate upon each death include the vertical Sun Tower, and Off-Shore Banking will allow players to store gold between runs.



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