Great Cthulhu Stirs in Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

After six months in Early Access, Blini Games has announced an official release date for the full version of Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, an action roguelite based on and around the Cthulhu mythos. Players take on one of five investigator roles — detective, professor, ghoul, thief, or witch — to defeat eldritch creatures and gather clues in order to stop the Great Old One and his minions from conquering Earth entirely. Players explore randomly-generated levels based on settings from Lovecraft’s writings, solve puzzles, and gather knowledge to keep from going mad in the face of cosmic horrors like Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, and Cthulhu himself.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories officially launches on January 31, 2019, for €14.99/$14.99/£11.39, though the Early Access version is currently still available for $12.99 via Steam and GOG. It is available for PC and will feature English, Russian, and Spanish language options.




Pascal Tekaia

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