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Darksiders II Rides Onto Switch

Nintendo Switch owners were able to go to War in Darksiders earlier this year. A new announcement means they will also soon be able to embrace Death when Darksiders II comes to the portable console.

Darksiders Rides Again on Switch

War rides again, this time onto Nintendo Switch. Caught in a battle between Heaven and Hell, the first of the Four Horsemen mounts up for battle once more.

Darksiders II Review

Darksiders II is less about the apocalypse and more about killing stuff with a big scythe. Is that a bad thing? Well, kind of. RPGamer’s official review explains.

Darksiders Review

You know what they say, you can’t make an apocalypse without breaking a few seals. Darksiders makes one hell of an apocalypse. This Zelda-clone is a lot better than its derivative nature would suggest.