A game that sees the hero working with the developer to create the “perfect” video game, finding and squashing bugs throughout their journey across different environments.

BitNine Studio

tERRORbane Review

Spoofs in any medium, when well done, can become instant classics. tERRORbane is an attempt to poke fun at the gaming industry and RPGs, but falls flat in doing so.

Game Content

Terrorbane Gets New Details, Images

BitNine Studio and WhisperGames provided some new details and screenshots for Terrorbane. The comedic adventure RPG is set to launch on PC and Switch next week.

Terrorbane Launching April 1

BitNine Studio and WhisperGames’ Terrorbane will release at the start of April. The meta-adventure RPG will be available on PC and Switch.

Terrorbane Demo Released on Steam

A free introductory demo is now available for Terrorbane. The meta-adventure RPG is currently planned to launch on PC and Switch early next year.

Meta-Adventure RPG Terrorbane Announced

BitNine Studio and Crunching Koalas have officially announced Terrorbane. The title features plenty of fourth wall breaking as the hero works with the developer on their video game.