Eternights is a dating action game where you try to make the most out of life during the apocalypse. Monday: Go on a date. Tuesday: Clear dungeon. Friday: Freak out! The clock is ticking.

Studio Sai
Studio Sai
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Eternights Brought Forward Slightly

Eternights is a rare case of a release date being brought forward, as it launches a week earlier in September. Studio Sai also revealed a planned physical release and a new trailer.

Eternights Gets Firm Release Date

Studio Sai quickly followed up its September release window reveal for Eternights by announcing a specific date. The apocalyptic dating action game will release on PC and PlayStation consoles.

Eternights Set for September

Studio Sai’s Eternights is set to release on PC and PlayStation consoles in September. The apocalyptic dating action game sees players searching for the cure to a mysterious virus before time runs out.

Eternights Announced for Early 2023

Sony’s State of Play featured the reveal of Eternights. Studio Sai’s title is billed as an apocalyptic dating-action game and is set to hit PC, PS4, and PS5 early next year.