New World’s Brimstone Sands Update Announced

Amazon Games has announced a new large-scale for MMORPG New World. The Brimstone Sands update is planned to release on the game’s Public Test Realm in early September ahead of its full release in October. The update adds a revamped new player experience, as well as a brand new area and story to the game and the new Greatsword weapon type.

The revamped new player experience sees the early content, covering the game’s first 25 levels, reworked. Changes include a new optimised quest flow, which includes NPCs that move around as well as a central story thread to each particular zone. Side content will become available as players progress through each region. Quests will have different dynamics, including wave events, puzzles, and traversal challenges. Certain story elements have been revised to retain focus, while new characters, enemies, and locations are also being added.

The new Brimstone Sands area is said to be three time the size of any previous area in the game, and sees players encountering the ancient Romans and Egyptians. The deserts had been populated by the ancient Egyptians, who built monuments and cities, but their cilivisation has fallen to ruin with few remaining. One such inhabitant is the sorcerer Imhotep, who works with players investigating the area’s mysteries. Acting as a threat are the Corrupted 19th Legion of the Roman Empire, who originally came to the area with Mark Antony and a dying Cleopatra.

After falling to the Corruption, the Romans are besieging a pyramid known as Akhet. Players fight against the legion while diving into ancient ruins. Within these, they will face the ruins’ guardians and solve puzzles to obtain the powers lying within, ultimately uncovering a new threat leading to a new Expedition raid.

New World released for PC in 2021 and is set in a world inspired by the 17th-century age of expedition, with players being part of the colonisation effort of Aeternum Island. The game features classless combat that is designed to accentuate player skill. Multiplayer options include 100-player War siege battles, 40-player Outpost Rush area control battles, five-player Expedition dungeons, and 50-player Invasions as players fight off waves of monsters.




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