RPG Cast – Episode 624: “Kirby Is the New Elden Ring”

Chris wants an OP fox with mods. Matt wears a turnip and marries a twelve year old. And Josh goes off to read the new J.R.R. Martin time loop book.

Question of the Week
What is your worst performing Switch game?

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  1. Krull Krull says:

    The Witcher 3 is a technical marvel on Switch. It looks and sounds great, and I rank it as one of the top ten games on the platform, maybe even top five, even if it is prettier and smoother on other platforms.

    That said, over 80hrs or so, there was one particular fight in a dark cave, with flickering light, that wasn’t so much 30 frames per second as 30 seconds per frame. It wasn’t even like stop motion animation; it was just stop animation.

    But great game. Everything is forgiven.

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