Trip the Ark Fantastic Announced

Croatian studio Gamechuck has announced adventure RPG Trip the Ark Fantastic. The game is set in the Animal Kingdom, which is on the verge of industrial and societal revolution, and follows hedgehog scholar Charles as he undertakes a mission from the lion king to keep the monarchy intact during the upheaval.

The Animal Kingdom uses a caste system based on the myth of the Ark Fantastic, where the lions built an ark to save all of the other animals from a great flood, and the king hopes that Charles is able to prove the truth of the myth. Charles is joined in his mission by the king’s advisor Philippe the fox and guard captain Andre the boar.

Gameplay sees Charles venturing around the kingdom, collecting evidence by talking to its inhabitants, using scientific equipment, or finding evidence from previous scholars. As Charles finds more evidence, he will publish it for peer review, potentially increasing his reputation. Charles’ conclusions and what he chooses to publish will have big impacts on how the Animal Kingdom develops and on the fate of its monarchy.

Trip the Ark Fantastic is being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, and unspecified consoles. The game is currently planned to release sometime in 2022.



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