FuRyu Reveals Crystar Details, Media

FuRyu has followed up its announcement of action RPG Crystar by revealing additional details for the game, along with various screenshots and gameplay clips from the title. The game follows a girl named Rei Hatada, who makes a deal with an entity in the world of limbo in order to revive her sister Mirai, who is killed after both are transported there and Rei awakens a special power that she is unable to control.

This deal sees Rei adventuring through limbo, defeating the souls that drift around it. After defeating certain enemies, words — said to be the souls’ last moments — appear on the screen and cling to Rei. These words are purified through Rei’s tears, which she uses to get stronger. Rei is also able to summon Guardians, and players will eventually be able to use up to four characters in combat, and switch between them freely.

Crystar is being developed by the studio Gemdrops. The game is planned for release on PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 18, 2018.



Ten-to-Fifteen-Second Clips




Rei Hatada


Mirai Hatada






Source: Gematsu


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