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Withering Rooms Review

Feeling scared and anxious while playing a horror title is always important. Moonless Formless’ Withering Rooms hits this ambience wonderfully, but can the roguelite gameplay match up in this 2.5D metroidvania?

Gamedec Releasing on PS5 This Week

Anshar Studios and Perp Games revealed that the PlayStation 5 version of Gamedec is arriving very soon. The PS5 version will launch digitally first, with a physical release to follow.

Gamedec Heading to PS5

Anshar Studios’s Gamedec is coming to PS5. The cyberpunk detective RPG will hit the console early next year.

Chernobylite Receiving Physical PS4 Release

Horror survival RPG Chernobylite is nearing its PC launch, followed by console versions. A new announcement confirms that PlayStation 4 players will even be able to pick up a physical copy of the game.