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Wizard of Legend 2 Announced

Humble Games announced a follow-up to 2018 action rogue-lite Wizard of Legend. The game is being developed by Dead Mage, with guidance from original developer Contingent99.

Wizard of Legend’s Sky Palace Update Released

Wizard of Legend’s Sky Palace update is now available on all of its platforms. Players can now venture through the Sky Palace, meet a new Magic Council member, and check out various new skills and items.

Wizard of Legend Also Launches

Wizard of Legend joins many other games in offering a release trailer this week. Of all the launches in the short period of time, this one is on the most platforms.

Wizard of Legend Releases Next Month

Contingent99’s Wizard of Legend arrives on PC and console next month. Players will need to take on the Chaos Trials if they wish to gown down in history as a Wizard of Legend.